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Windows The HTC HD2 is probably one of the most enduring mobile phones out there. While it originally shipped with Windows Mobile way back in 2009, it has become one of the most hacker-friendly devices out there, and hackers have managed to port virtually everything to the device - various versions of Android, MeeGo, Ubuntu, and Windows Phone have found their way to the HD2. Russian hacker Cotulla, responsible for many of these ports, has just announced the next big port: Windows RT is now running on the HD2.
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You're probably thinking of WP8, not RT.
I believe the lack of UEFI and TPM were the big reasons MS didn't support WP8 on WP7 devices.
RT was never targeted as a phone OS.

That RT can run on an HD2 should not be a big surprise.
Microsoft's initial testing of Windows on ARM was on such devices.

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