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Apple "According to Chinese gadget news site Tech.163, Apple may be in the process of developing its own smart watch that connects to your Apple devices via Bluetooth. Based on the report, Intel will be working with Apple to create the smart watch, with a 1.5-inch PMOLED display made by RiTDisplays with ITO-coated glass." It must be the holiday lull. I'm this close to putting this in the joke category.
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by novad on Fri 28th Dec 2012 14:16 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Comment by MOS6510"
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>> That's a very expensive watch!

For sure. It goes in the category of expensive gadget for niche market :-)

>> Why not relay your voice to the phone?

Only if the watch is a remote for a phone. In MY idea it would be a stand alone device (as I said... Only my idea)

>> It MUST have 3-4-Whatever-G - What for? That would only make sense if it was a stand alone device. I'm looking for a watch that acts as an kind of remote for my phone.

Well.. IF you have your phone with you it's nice to have a remote but I see it more like a standalone device. For me it's like some people who want a micro-laptop (Nothing against that) but who carry an external HDD, an external DVD, an external coffee machine with them (Well... You get the idea).

I see it as a replacement for a phone... Not in every context but where a phone would be inconvenient or simply undesired. The usage as a remote control for a phone is just an additional function for me.

>> If by read you mean play, yes!

Yes. That was what I ment :-)
As I said... My English is quiet poor... Sorry :-S

>> Embedding a sensor increases the cost and size. If you use an external sensor you have a wider choice of brand/cost/quality.

About the size. The sensor can be located in the watch strap and these kind of sensors are really small. I don't think it would change the size.

If there is an external sensor it should also be bluetooth. The price for such a sensor is quiet high if I remember well.

But anyway... Why not both... Internal sensor is there but you can connect to an external bluetooth sensor :-)

>> Stream media to other devices (TV / Radio / Computer) It makes more sense for another device to do this, unless the watch itself contains the media. It would be fun though, although it's hard to make this a selling point.

Well... For me it would be a nice point. It could stream to my autoradio, my friends TV/computer, whatever.

>> NFC for easy payments - Again I'd leave that to the phone, but it may be more convenient to make NFC payments using a watch than a phone.

In the standalone device scenario there is no phone to make the payment ;-)

>> (Wifi hotspot) Doesn't make much sense if the watch doesn't have 3/4G though.

True if it has no 3/4G... Untrue if it has... As it's a hypothetic device, I added 3G.

>> Animated wallpapers!!!

Why not :-)

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