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General Development "Computers are ubiquitous in modern life. They offer us portals to information and entertainment, and they handle the complex tasks needed to keep many facets of modern society running smoothly. Chances are, there is not a single person in Ars' readership whose day-to-day existence doesn't rely on computers in one manner or another. Despite this, very few people know how computers actually do the things that they do. How does one go from what is really nothing more than a collection - a very large collection, mind you - of switches to the things we see powering the modern world?"
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I then produced arguments to back it up. Address those or bow out of the discussion.

No you didn't. You said exactly what other commenters have already said, which I have already addressed, which continued to be ignored.

You have made the exact same flawed point that another commenter already has over and over again. Don't be so up yourself to think you had an original point that I didn't already address.

Address my points or piss off.

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