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Games "We just licked the stamps and waved a fond farewell to 1200 OUYA Developer Consoles. These are the early versions of OUYA that developers will use to start making games. They're on their way to developers around the globe - by land, air and sea. OK, only by air - we want you to get them quick. Devs, expect them on your doorstep within the next few days." The SDK has been released as well.
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by Casey99 on Sat 29th Dec 2012 01:18 UTC
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As much as I want OUYA to succeed, I highly doubt it will. The whole idea of being pro independent and pro open source always equals a big negative in the eyes of major developers due to the piracy. Piracy made a major blow to the Dreamcast. What is going to stop an even more open console such as the OUYA from suffering the same fate? The OUYA won't have the major games the Dreamcast did either, such as Soul Calibur, Sonic, and Skies of Arcadia. And major developers drive the gaming industry. They have the resources to make the high quality games people want to buy. Independents do not. An independent company would have a hard time making a game like SoA even now days, nearly 12 years after the original release. The price of the console doesn't matter if the console only has games of quality equal to games on the iPhone.

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