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Linux It's sad that we need this, but alas - Matthew Garret has made a list of Linux distributions that boot on Windows 8 PCs with Secure Boot enabled. Tellingly enough, the list is short. Very short. Can someone hack this nonsense into oblivion please?
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by Vanders on Sat 29th Dec 2012 18:41 UTC in reply to "Comment by kurkosdr"
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Or Linux distros can stop the "I am not including the workaround because I have moral objections" and get on with life.

Yeah, just roll over and get on with it. Don't complain. Microsoft surely know what they're doing and it's all for our own good. Why make a fuss?

We 've been through this before with libdvdcss. A working workaround exists and yet distros are not using it as to make a "statement".

Distributions do not omit libdvdcss (and codecs) to make a "statement", they omit it because it is illegal in several countries including the USA and the maintainers don't like the idea of possibly being arrested and charged should they go on a nice holiday to the USA one day in the future.

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