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Linux It's sad that we need this, but alas - Matthew Garret has made a list of Linux distributions that boot on Windows 8 PCs with Secure Boot enabled. Tellingly enough, the list is short. Very short. Can someone hack this nonsense into oblivion please?
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RE: Comment by Drumhellar
by WereCatf on Sat 29th Dec 2012 19:22 UTC in reply to "Comment by Drumhellar"
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What about the list of distros that boot on Windows 8 PCs with secure boot disabled, because, you know, Microsoft acquiesced to pressure and makes the ability to disable secure boot a requirement for the Windows 8 logos...

Well, the thing is, they do not mandate how one must be able to disable secure boot -- OEMs are free to use whatever means they want. This could include a physical switch on the motherboard or having to call up the OEM for an unlocking - key or whatever they feel like.

It all makes it quite a bit more difficult for novice users to try Linux, and it makes development of custom OSes even harder.

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