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Linux It's sad that we need this, but alas - Matthew Garret has made a list of Linux distributions that boot on Windows 8 PCs with Secure Boot enabled. Tellingly enough, the list is short. Very short. Can someone hack this nonsense into oblivion please?
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by Gone fishing on Sun 30th Dec 2012 00:34 UTC
Gone fishing
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I apologise in advance if this is stupid a lot of people here know more about this than me but ...

My guess is that MS's secure boot key will become available to the maleware cracker community either by leakage or cracking. This will then make it possible to create a rootkit, bootsector virus etc which will run on a secure / restricted boot system.

If this maleware then randomly changes some part of the Windows kernel and an AV removes the the virus this will leave a secure / restricted boot system unbootable. If we combine this with the fact, that many computers now do not come with installation disks but recovery partitions, which return the PC back to factory specs. You get a virus, if you remove it you loose your data. This doesn't seem to be what MS intended, if they intended to make the system more secure, rather than just be anti competitive.

This system seems to have the potential to make the security of data on an MS system worse not better (most people do not have backups) and open new venues for extortion, and problem creating by the cracker community.

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