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FreeBSD It's not exciting to talk about money, but it does often take cash to keep funding the developers that improve code. Congrats to the FreeBSD foundation then, for beating their fundraising goal of $500K by almost 40%. The $690K they raised will go to funding coders, developer conferences, and some limited travel. That bodes well for continued strong support for FreeBSD in general, soon to release version 9.1 (currently at RC3).
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by karunko on Sun 30th Dec 2012 13:16 UTC
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Congratulations are in order, especially considering that on December 9 some "feckin' eejit" submitted the story to Slashdot with the following summary:

"Perhaps a sign of our troubled times or a sign that FreeBSD is becoming less relevant to modern computing needs [...] But with the end of this year fast approaching, it has raised just over $280,000, far short of its target."

Yes, FreeBSD is dying and Netcraft confirms it, yadda yadda yadda, but the poster "forgot" to mention that the Fundraising Campaign had been only announced on December 5 and, therefore, collecting more than 280.000 USD in just four days should have been regarded as a very promising start. And don't get me started about the people that (as usual) hijacked the thread to blame the BSD license for this "failure"!

Anyway, congratulations are certainly in order to anyone involved, and that includes the donors who, rather than argue about the merits/pitfalls of this license or the other, did the right thing and preferred to contribute something tangible -- me included. *grin*

Oh, and even though FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE has not been announced yet, it's been available for a good couple of weeks: clicking on the links leads to the official ISO images (and tar balls) rather than those for RC3 -- at least this is what happens in my part of the world.


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