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SuSE, openSUSE The openSUSE community has elected its new board of directors, who will take office in January 2013. Welcome to Raymond Wooninck and Robert Schweikert, who will have a lot of work ahead of them as the board helps navigate openSUSE through some choppy waters. openSUSE remains one of the most popular Linux distros around, but their delayed release of 12.2 in September has led the team to spend the last six months reworking their development process, and both new members are planning to prioritize improvement of openSUSE's communication strategies as well.
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RE: Welp
by the_randymon on Mon 31st Dec 2012 13:13 UTC in reply to "Welp"
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Wow, great comment - very eloquent and insightful. I share your optimism (I've been a SUSE guy since 7.1) but I think the distro could use some good leadership to shake the thing up a bit. One of the distro's strong points has always been YaST, but YaST has stagnated a bit - think of all the potential it has. The repository management thing is a pain, and I hate I have to refresh them before installing anything (this is something apt-get does very, very well). Lastly, I think openSUSE is struggling to find its niche in the ecosystem along other popular distros. I still love SUSE but find myself more frustrated with it than I was back in the SUSE 8.2 days, and hope the board spurs them into making future releases spectacular. Now that Ubuntu may be floundering a bit, there's an opportunity for them.

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