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KDE I tend to believe that the best interfaces have already been made. Behaviourally, CDE is the best and most consistent interface ever made. It looked like ass, but it always did exactly as you told it to, and it never did anything unexpected. When it comes to looks, however, the gold standard comes from an entirely different corner - Apple's Platinum and QNX' PhotonUI. Between all the transparency, flat-because-it's-hip, and stitched leather violence of the past few years, one specific KDE theme stood alone in bringing the best of '90s UI design into the 21st century, and updating it to give everything else a run for its money. This is an ode to Christoph Feck's Skulpture.
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Why isnt this included in distros?!
by Adurbe on Tue 1st Jan 2013 21:58 UTC
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This kind of article is the kind I keep coming back to OSNews for. I would Never have found this myself. The theme is lovely. Ive been avoiding KDE4 for years because I couldn't get it 'out the way' while I was trying to get things done (to many flash bangs all the time).

I think ive reached the point where dedicating HOURS of my time fiddling with a theme are behind me, simply to many things to do ;)

Why dont any of the nice distro creators take on this mantle and make it their default (plus a bit of polish)? I really think this kind of theme could help KDE steal some of those disenfranchised gnome users who dont like where the project is going with GNome3(me).

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