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Hardware, Embedded Systems Last month, I explained why I use generic desktops and laptops running open source software. They're reliable and inexpensive. But this presumes you can fix them. I believe that even those with no hardware training (like me), can identify and fix most hardware problems. To prove it, here's a quick guide. Feel free to add whatever I've missed.
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RE: Best trick
by umccullough on Wed 2nd Jan 2013 00:35 UTC in reply to "Best trick"
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High capacity capacitors with a 10mm diameter cost two euros each.

Sounds like you're shopping in the wrong spot then...

I tend to use, and I can usually get all the caps I need to repair a board for $15 or less (which includes the shipping).

I always order twice as many as I need anyway, so I always have spares lying around for the next project (which comes in handy quite often)...

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