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Hardware, Embedded Systems Last month, I explained why I use generic desktops and laptops running open source software. They're reliable and inexpensive. But this presumes you can fix them. I believe that even those with no hardware training (like me), can identify and fix most hardware problems. To prove it, here's a quick guide. Feel free to add whatever I've missed.
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RE[2]: Best trick
by henderson101 on Wed 2nd Jan 2013 10:33 UTC in reply to "RE: Best trick"
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Well, similar method fixed an XBOX Elite that was RROD. Reflowing the solder is a short term fix though, if the root cause of the issue isn't addressed. It's usually something to do with excessive heat and lack of cooling. The XBOX, I re-greased the CPU/GPU heat syncs and it booted and ran last time I tried it (but as we have a newer model now, it was mainly a project to experiment with console maintenance rather than anything else.)

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