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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Expected, but still insanely cool: Canonical has just announced Ubuntu for phones. This is a new mobile phone operating system, with its own user interface and development platform. It's built around Qt5 and QML, and the interface reminds me of MeeGo on the N9. It's supposed to be on the shelves in early 2014, but the developer preview is out today.
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RE[6]: Impressed.
by Nelson on Wed 2nd Jan 2013 23:07 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Impressed."
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Dalvik? Java for mobile wasn't very good, and Sun was a bad partner - badly managed and spiralling downwards.

But Java was Sun's baby, and they had spent serious cash to make sure it worked everywhere. Google, with Android, destroyed that promise by bastardizing Java. Why? To have full control of the developer experience.

Why didn't Google go with Qt? Or .NET? Or something else?

Java Mobile sucked due to stagnation, not any intrinsic technological deficiency. At least nothing that couldn't have been overcome with Sun itself. However that would mean ceding control of Java and its future direction to Sun.

Chrome? They are sponsorizing Firefox too!

So? With Chrome they can deploy their browser, tied into their services, pushing standards they care about.

Android? Well, it is not Google who wants absolute control, it is more an Apple thing.

Really, that's your rebuttal? One line? Go back and try again. Anyone who thinks that Android isn't about getting more eyeballs for Google is dense beyond words.

Go? Seriously, you think they created a language not because it was some programmer pet project but because they want to control their destiny, which wouldn't have been possible with other languages, such as, eeeer... Hmmmmmm...

Go ahead, finish that sentence, such as what? Its a combination of productivity, tooling, and control. You want to control the direction of the language.

What if Google had used HTML5 for their app platform? They'd be waiting 10 years for a meaningful update to the platform.

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