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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Expected, but still insanely cool: Canonical has just announced Ubuntu for phones. This is a new mobile phone operating system, with its own user interface and development platform. It's built around Qt5 and QML, and the interface reminds me of MeeGo on the N9. It's supposed to be on the shelves in early 2014, but the developer preview is out today.
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RE[4]: I want one!
by shmerl on Wed 2nd Jan 2013 23:42 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: I want one!"
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If they wanted familiarity, they would've chosen C#

Bad idea. The woes of Google with Dalvik and Java should teach anyone to avoid encumbered development technologies, especially in the crazy mobile sphere. If Java has a shadow of Oracle behind it, C# has a shadow of Microsoft attached. While Sun encouraged Google to use Java, Oracle isn't Sun. So even if Microsoft wouldn't mind now, you never know where their rights over C# will end up tomorrow, or even if they'll just change their mind. It just doesn't worth the risk.

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