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Microsoft Microsoft's legal chief: "We continue to be dogged by an issue we had hoped would be resolved by now: Google continues to prevent Microsoft from offering consumers a fully featured YouTube app for the Windows Phone." Utter nonsense, since MetroTube offers a complete and full YouTube experience on Windows Phone (it's one of the best Windows Phone applications), and YouTube+ on Windows 8. Two fantastically rich applications, built by small ISVs - yet Microsoft can't do the same? Don't make me laugh. Coincidentally, Microsoft is also whining some more about Google's removal of ActiveSync - Redmond again refuses to acknowledge that all it needs to do is implement the open standards CalDAV and CardDAV, just like everyone else has done. Times have changed, Ballmer. You don't get to dictate the industry anymore.
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RE[5]: Perspective
by gfolkert on Thu 3rd Jan 2013 06:21 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Perspective"
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And I mentioned none of those. Do I need to rephrase my question?

I specifically mentioned protocols and services Microsoft has themselves implemented on other platforms. Its one thing to be forced to document a protocol and dump it on Samba, it's another thing for them to go ahead and do the leg work themselves.

Look at HyperV code in Linux, Hotmail/Outlook on Android, Skype, ActiveSync, Silverlight, etc.

The point is to show that Microsoft is (albeit slower than I'd like) turning towards a more general direction.

All of this is lost in your blind fury over the past.

HyperV code for Linux... purchased product they stapled in, badly at that. Look at the friggin code. Its horrible.

HOTMAIL? Purchased oh so many years ago... HUGE HUGE debacles in getting it to run on Windows. They couldn't get it to run right... actually run at all. They ended up having to throw like 20 times the hardware at the backend just to get sames performance levels that was on BSD.

Outlook? Second most Exploited piece of Software integrated with the OS a bit to deeply... (right along with the ActiveX and insertion of Userland into Ring 0)

ActiveSync? Really, trot that POS out. Its a serious HEAVY and very under documented item that changes nearly daily. (No not really daily, but damned nearly)

Silverlight? What is that? I have to use a Silverlight Application. I have *ZERO* Windows machines in either VM nor in baremetal. I've installed the latest "sponsored" Moonlight. I can't use it... it is unfortunate, since my PCI QSA requires me to upload my tests and proofs and evidence to their Sharepoint Portal and its just doesn't work from either Linux nor from OSX. I can slect things to upload, but CANNOT actually upload them the transfers never start or complete. I've watched the conversations with Linux and OSX and yes Windows... and they conversations only succeed with Windows due to an UNDOCUMENTED feature that the client assumes its okay to continue once the IIS webserver send an ack... but not any "continue" the OSX and Linux clients can't assume... due to the way Moonlight and Silverlight for OSX is written.

I can go on and on and on... I just don't think you get why Microsoft doesn't need nor deserve any pity or special consideration.

Tell me, have you ever been crapped on by a friend time and time and time and time and time and time and time again with updates on being crapped on more often than not... do you stop dealing with the person or do you keep eating the crap?

I know one thing, Microsoft falls into the category that I'll use them only where there is NO OTHER CHOICE and it is required for my continued employment... (Hint: its not for me)

So, seriously Nelson, you've never dealt with Microsoft in its true form... which is still just under the current skin. Its like a Volcano that is dormant but deadly at any time it feels like it.

Cheers, I do believe you'll never get why.

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