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Microsoft Microsoft's legal chief: "We continue to be dogged by an issue we had hoped would be resolved by now: Google continues to prevent Microsoft from offering consumers a fully featured YouTube app for the Windows Phone." Utter nonsense, since MetroTube offers a complete and full YouTube experience on Windows Phone (it's one of the best Windows Phone applications), and YouTube+ on Windows 8. Two fantastically rich applications, built by small ISVs - yet Microsoft can't do the same? Don't make me laugh. Coincidentally, Microsoft is also whining some more about Google's removal of ActiveSync - Redmond again refuses to acknowledge that all it needs to do is implement the open standards CalDAV and CardDAV, just like everyone else has done. Times have changed, Ballmer. You don't get to dictate the industry anymore.
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RE[3]: Please Thom
by The1stImmortal on Thu 3rd Jan 2013 10:49 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Please Thom"
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Google has now purposely crippled their Email offerings and locked out consumers from one of their most popular services, all over a petty pissing contest with Microsoft.

This is a little unfair. Google provide a means to access their services (Google Apps/GMAIL/etc) using a publicly documented and (mostly) standardised protocol suite (*DAV+IMAP).

Microsoft also provide a means to access their services (Exchange servers & exchange) via a publicly documented and entirely unstandardised protocol (EAS/EWS for mobile/desktop - there's also RPC[oHTTP] which is a mess even Microsoft is trying to figure out how to get away from and which I'll ignore)

This is in both cases in addition to the web interfaces of course.

Google should no more be expected to provide, for free (to users), EAS and EWS access to their services, than Microsoft should be expected to provide, for free (to users), *DAV+(decent)IMAP support via & Exchange based systems. (Exchange backed IMAP kinda sucks)

In fact, given the open, unencumbered nature of *DAV+IMAP, there should in fact be more reason to expect MS to adopt these protocols in their services than for Google to adopt EWS/EAS.

(Yes I know EWS hasn't come up, but as the desktop complement to EAS it makes sense to mention here)

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