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Microsoft Microsoft's legal chief: "We continue to be dogged by an issue we had hoped would be resolved by now: Google continues to prevent Microsoft from offering consumers a fully featured YouTube app for the Windows Phone." Utter nonsense, since MetroTube offers a complete and full YouTube experience on Windows Phone (it's one of the best Windows Phone applications), and YouTube+ on Windows 8. Two fantastically rich applications, built by small ISVs - yet Microsoft can't do the same? Don't make me laugh. Coincidentally, Microsoft is also whining some more about Google's removal of ActiveSync - Redmond again refuses to acknowledge that all it needs to do is implement the open standards CalDAV and CardDAV, just like everyone else has done. Times have changed, Ballmer. You don't get to dictate the industry anymore.
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RE[5]: Please Thom
by Tony Swash on Thu 3rd Jan 2013 11:05 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Please Thom"
Tony Swash
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Why is it so difficult for you to get behind Google opening up their YouTube API? Why is it so hard for you to point the finger at Google?

Because he loves Google. He loves Google so much he loves an utterly and deliberately closed solution designed to break compatibility whilst simultaneously lauding the principal of open source and attacking Microsoft for being closed.

I love seeing Microsoft on the receiving end of the same sort of tactics that it used to use to dominate the industry but I don't think Google are a bunch of saints and and I don't think they run their business based on any higher principals than any other company. Google is only the champion of open source when it involves opening and devaluing other companies business models. Google does not champion open source search algorithms, for example, because that would devalue their own business model.

I have no objection to Google's business model but what is so hard to take is how they wrap their business in a sickeningly hypocritical envelope of sanctity and what is really appalling is how many people swallow it.

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