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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Proprietary software like Windows often includes surveillance code to track user behavior and send this information to vendor servers. Linux has traditionally been immune to such privacy violation. Ubuntu 12.10 now includes code that, by default, collects data on Dash searches. The code integrates Amazon products into search results and can even integrate with Facebook, Twitter, BBC and others as per Ubuntu's Third Party Privacy Policies. This article at the EFF tells how it all works and how to opt out of information sharing, while Richard Stallman himself comments here.
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I take bigger issue with the previously discussed donation model they came up with recently. On the front page, they say "Ubuntu is free and it always will be." Yet when you go to download it, you are faced with the donation widget which has every slider already set at $2 each, for a total of $16. It's trivial to hit the "Not now, take me to the download" link, but that link is off to the side in a thin font face, while the donation button is big and bold. If you set all the sliders to zero, you get a menacing looking skull icon, instead of the nice looking "your donation costs the same as this funky item you buy every day" icons.

I realize they are up front about it being a donation and not a license fee or sale price, but the entire presentation is designed to guilt you into paying up.

It's not really a big deal overall, but it's still far worse than a shopping lens that is a single command away from being disabled.

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