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Legal "As was widely expected, the Federal Trade Commission announced this morning that it has reached a settlement agreement with Google, bringing the commission's antitrust investigations into the search giant to a close. Two different areas of Google's business were being explored: the way it prioritized search results, and the way that Google had sought injunctions against devices that were thought to have infringed upon standards-essential patents from Motorola." Would have loved to see the FRAND system crumble, though. Let the patent mess explode - to change the system, we need disruption, not appeasement.
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Arguing based on on the force of a hypothetical possibility rather than the reality surrounding you... This is rhetoric and propaganda.

Theoretically, Samsung COULD have banned all Apple products the world over for something they agreed to deny no one, but fortunately governments and judicial systems sometimes work as they should.

Considering your massive misreading of today's decision and your utter hatred and misunderstanding of the American legal system, I will get my prescriptions for what CAN and, actually, WILL happen in ongoing legal battles from someone else, thank you.

(Seriously, you claim everyone agrees with you BUT the twelve people on the US jury? You keep calling the US judicial system "medieval" as if the context doesn't merely refer to the age of its longevity rather than what Marcellus Wallace would deem "medieval"? Can you state anything without massive levels of rhetoric and propaganda?)

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