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Google So, Gingerbread has finally dropped below 50% of devices accessing Google Play. Ice Cream Sandwich has almost hit the 30%, and after six months, Jelly Bean (4.1 and 4.2) almost hit the 10%. Google's page listing these numbers is like a trainwreck in slowmotion.
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why upgrade?
by project_2501 on Fri 4th Jan 2013 10:20 UTC
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"+1" to SeeM's comment.

What's the reason Joe Public should care or worry about Android version?
I mean Joe Public, I don't mean the much smaller tech savvy or tech enthusiastic crowd.

If Joe publics email, web, phone, calendar, etc all work fine... what's the reason to upgrade, other than genuine bug fixes?

Sometimes an upgrade is a downgrade. The Huawei Ascend G300 went on sale in the UK for approx £100. It compared to phones costing more than twice as much at the time - still does. It came with Android 2.3 and it worked well. However Vodafone foolishly promised in public that it would "soon" receive an upgrade to ICS. It was very late - and after much hounding by techies, it arrived broken (things didn't work), unstable (things crashed/force closed) and slower (ui slower). The forums for the device have been ablaze and there are lot of users wanting to downgrade to Android GingerBread. In fact Vodafone/Huawei offered an official utility to do that.

Is the problem really for developers - not end users. Can developers really not develop apps/websites sufficiently agnostic of the client.... client dependencies are sooo 1990s...

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