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Linux "Ubuntu, once the darling of desktop Linux and the overwhelmingly popular choice for newcomers, may soon lose that role to Mint." I switched to Mint KDE, and have no intention of going back. By the way, KDE4 is finally good (don't hit me, Aaron) - fast, fluid, stable, pretty, and thanks to its versatility, a joy to use after a few hours of tweaking. Just... Please, unify Plasma and the regular widget style. This is insanity.
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Comment by neruson
by neruson on Fri 4th Jan 2013 12:22 UTC
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When Unity first debuted I hated it, but I have to admit that it's been growing on me. Sure it has a lot of crap I don't want on my OS (ie. amazon search results, recommended online apps/videos and the fact that it logs everything I freaking do on it), but these issues can be easily disabled or removed and once you do it's actually a rather nice DE/Shell imho. Although I will admit the fact that the Amazon search feature is opt out instead of opt in does kind of bother me, but not enough to stop using it. I run it on my desktop along with Windows 7. I've also started to like the Gnome Shell on Fedora 17 on my laptop once I installed the taskbar & disable search in dash extensions. I replaced the default search with Synapse and it suddenly became incredibly usable for me. Those extensions and that application should be the default. It's completely unusable without them.

I don't really understand the Gnome developers mindset (ie. don't like that they stripped Nautilus at all but I can always use Mint's Nemo file manager whenever I decide to upgrade to Fedora 18, but once I have something installed I don't typically upgrade unless I have to). I tend to compare both of them to diamonds covered in sh*t. All they need is a good cleaning ;)

Sure, if you're a power user who likes to tinker then neither of them are for you. You would be much happier with KDE, Mate, Cinnamon, Xfce or even Openbox. The options are limitless. There's really no reason to bitch anymore. Gnome & Ubuntu aren't going back to their old interfaces ever. It won't accomplish anything except for starting online flame wars, and the Linux community already suffers from too much of that as it is.

Personally, I like Unity more than the shell. After three years using Arch Linux I don't have much of a desire to tinker anymore. I just want something that works. I'll slap a theme on it and maybe change the icons and fonts but that's about it

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