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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Expected, but still insanely cool: Canonical has just announced Ubuntu for phones. This is a new mobile phone operating system, with its own user interface and development platform. It's built around Qt5 and QML, and the interface reminds me of MeeGo on the N9. It's supposed to be on the shelves in early 2014, but the developer preview is out today.
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RE[7]: I want one!
by Nelson on Fri 4th Jan 2013 14:31 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: I want one!"
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Saying that C# is "by far the best popular programming language" is slightly inaccurate given that it is an almost exact copy of Java. I wouldn't call Java the best language either - it it a great platform but language itself is worse than many OS offerings.

Okay, so let's talk specifically then. What exactly makes C# worse than many OS offerings?

The problem with C# is the bully behind it. Even if MS don't attack you (although they would likely attack Google as they have already done with their other patents) it would simply be a stupid idea to commit to a closed platform.

See, no! This can't happen. Microsoft has made a LEGALLY BINDING promise not to sue over any patents included in C# or the .NET specifications.

This is the same promise that was good enough for the W3C to accept for Microsoft's CSS patents. Somehow they don't spread FUD about it, but others like you do about .NET, only because its .NET.

The complete callous disrespect with which the Mono team is treated in the Linux community is appalling.

Say, you wrote a successful OS application. It runs on Mono and on Windows. Next thing you know is that someone implements a feature that depends on MS API and you end up with a fork - better version runs only on Windows and is actively developed, the OS version lags behind and is slowly becoming irrelevant.

This happens all the time, and is in fact what Mono wants.

The point of .NET isn't write once run anywhere, its write once, port easily with minimal difficulty.

Mono specifically advocates for using OS specific UI toolkits with an OS agnostic backend for .NET.

To me, this screams of someone who's never done real cross platform .NET development before.

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