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Linux "Ubuntu, once the darling of desktop Linux and the overwhelmingly popular choice for newcomers, may soon lose that role to Mint." I switched to Mint KDE, and have no intention of going back. By the way, KDE4 is finally good (don't hit me, Aaron) - fast, fluid, stable, pretty, and thanks to its versatility, a joy to use after a few hours of tweaking. Just... Please, unify Plasma and the regular widget style. This is insanity.
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by soulrebel123 on Fri 4th Jan 2013 19:57 UTC in reply to "Comment by woegjiub"
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While it is probably true that Ubuntu has a gazillion more users than Mint, there has been a noticeable migration away from Ubuntu, which is a big trend reversal.

For a while Ubuntu seemed like the ultimate distro: good for the power user and the newbie. It really took over very fast and many were thinking finally a distro that can set a shared standard and reduce fragmentation by being just the best, something ISV can target to support Linux.

But now it is more like a different operating system, with its own interface and its own agenda, not just a well put together GNU/Linux distro.

There are many who want the real GNU/Linux OS, non this Ubuntu Linux OS.
The problem is not Unity per se, it's the fact that they clearly want to be radically different, not only from Windows and Mac, but also from other distros.
Unity might even be a nice software, but its not offered by any other distro, so to me it's almost like it's proprietary.

I think it's sad for the Linux ecosystem that they made such a decision, because we lose our champion against proprietary systems, but in the end they too will be damaged by the loss of supporters and contributors.

I myself have switched to Archlinux, after trying Mint and having found it too buggy.

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