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Amiga & AROS Icaros Desktop, the popular distribution of the AROS Research Operating System, has recently released its version 1.5, a new milestone since it finally allows to run classic Amiga software and games on full screen or perfectly integrating them into the host AROS desktop.
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by bassbeast on Sat 5th Jan 2013 15:15 UTC in reply to "Comment by lucas_maximus"
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But that is the problem in a nutshell isn't it? unless you are a serious fanboi of the Amiga and have a major case of nostalgia there really isn't any point in running Amiga anything anymore.

I mean lets look at the Amiga...what made the Amiga so beloved? Well it could multitask at a time when attempting to do that in Windows was dicey at best, it had fully customized hardware with an OS built around the chips so that it could wring every last drop of performance which made it pretty killer for multimedia, and its UI was frankly several years ahead of its time, when the majority were on Win 2.x and 3.x Amiga looked frankly nicer than Win98 which came much later.

But NONE of that is still relevant, MSFT Google and Apple can ALL multitask as many programs as you'd want to run and if you hate the big 3 OS companies you have BSD and Linux, both of which have MUCH more programs than the Amiga had and both can run AmigaOS in a VM no problem.

Don't get me wrong, if some devs want to spend their free time building an Amiga clone? No problem, enjoy, I'm simply pointing out that there really isn't a point in niche OSes that have fallen behind, with the tech world changing so fast and with some many choices in X86 it just doesn't make much sense to run an OS like Amiga anymore.

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