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SGI and IRIX Silicon Graphics Inc. today issued a melancholy press release confirming that it has been kicked off the New York Stock Exchange, and will now trade as a 'penny stock'. SGI was the high-bandwidth, visualization-rich, media-savvy computer systems company that flourished in a decade when media pundits clamored for a winner in what they called 'the convergence space'. SGI obliged, and spared nothing - for a while its budgets were flush for R&D and fancy architecture. "Oh, SGI, we loved you and you screwed up. Bigtime."
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by Pelly on Wed 2nd Nov 2005 20:12 UTC
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I once worked for a company and our team designed & manufactured power converters for the SGI UNIX Workstations. The specs SGI wanted had such incredibly tight tolerances, those of us on the design team were shaking our heads. Not many of us understood why they needed to be so tight. One of the SGI engineers dropped off a couple of workstations for us to poke into to marry up our converters.

After tearing into them, the SGI Unix workstations quickly earned the term, 'battletanks,' by all of us in the team because they were so over-built and designed so well. Once we started dissecting the circuits our power converters would connect to, we quickly learned the 'why' regarding the tight specs.

A couple of years later I noted that the movie, "Jurassic Park," had SGI workstations that controlled the, 'park.' I wondered if the ones in the movie had any of the converters we built. Probably not, but it was good to see them in the movie.

Sorry to see them tajken off the NYSE.

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