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Internet & Networking Reedit: "A minimalist, elastic and read-only Reddit web-app client, that lets you create custom 'Channels' with up to 3 subreddits each." Probably the first web application I've used that doesn't make me long for something native. Fantastic work.
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Is it just me or...
by GraphiteCube on Sun 6th Jan 2013 15:05 UTC
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I found that the web application doesn't work properly on IE 10 and Opera 12.12, the console reported some errors, here are the screen captures for your reference:

(For IE 10 I tried to switch off tracking protection (which prevents downloading tracking scripts such as those from Google Analytics) but it didn't help.)

While the author did explicitly state on Github page that the web application works properly on WebKit-based browsers, I am quite sad about the current state of web application development: many of them are tested against a specific rendering engine only(WebKit, in this case). Yes, I know many developers hate IE, but I also find that those developers ignored Opera too.

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