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In the News It's the beginning of the year, so the Consumer Electronics Show is currently in full swing in the awesome city of Las Vegas. The thing is though - there's so much, pardon my Dutch, crap being announced it's hard to keep up. I have yet to see a single interesting thing to come out at CES so far, and I have little hope the next few days are going to be any better. That NVIDIA mobile gaming thing is mildly interesting, but as usual - no price, no release date. The Verge is spending loads of money on CES, so it has excellent coverage going on. Let's have a contest: if three months from now any of you can name three products announced at this year's CES (without cheating), I will force myself to use iOS for a week.
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by gan17 on Tue 8th Jan 2013 02:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by lucas_maximus"
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Not only that but they always ignore the fundamental problems, which is who in the hell wants to do fancy 3D gaming on an itty bitty screen

There's also the issue of massive production costs related to making these types of games. With the majority of consumers only interested in $0.99 - $1.99 mobile games these days, it's almost impossible for any studio to release a game of substance (gfx & gameplay wise). Even mobile gaming powerhouses like Nintendo might be forced to cheapen their gaming experience to cater to cheap customers. Blame that retarded bird-throwing game.

Oh, fwiw, some of the best gaming experiences I've had have been on handheld devices, particularly the GBA and DS.

Frankly the only consumer tech I'm looking forward to checking out would be the PS4 and Steambox which from a hardware standpoint ought to be quite interesting as the PS4 is using an AMD APU and the Steambox an Intel i3 and Nvidia GPU so for the first time since the original Xbox you are gonna have consoles built out of bog standard X86. From an OS standpoint it ought to be interesting, especially if someone can hack the systems, as they could make for cheap HTPCs.

Careful. Sony might send you to prison for it.

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