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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Daniel 'Codeworkx' Hillenbrand on why he's not going to work on cm10 for the Galaxy SIII anymore: "Before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S II we were promised support and devices. We received the S2 and the whole community was praising Samsung. To me, that was nothing but a good PR stunt, because there has not been even the slightest bit of support ever since. Actually Samsung vehemently refuses to hand out any information or even a single line of code to us. Our contact at Samsung seems to be willing to support us, but gets blocked by his superiors." His advice to prospective Android buyers is clear. "All manufacturers have an equally bad update policy, so if you like a Samsung device, just buy it. If you want to use AOSP or CyanogenMod on the other hand, you should stay away from Exynos devices, because they just don't meet the requirements. Instead I recommend you to buy Nexus or Qualcomm/OMAP devices that haven't been completely botched by the manufacturer."
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I don't understand why people want a removable battery. By the time it wears out the phone will be a few generations old and obsoleted.

My wife and I have owned a number of mobile phones with removable batteries, so have people at work. The only phones for which I ever ordered a new battery were a few BlackBerries.

The battery of my iPhone 3G (no S) still works fine. hell, even my Nokia E90 still holds a charge all day.

Personally I'd give up a removable battery for any advantages that would bear.

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