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In the News It's the beginning of the year, so the Consumer Electronics Show is currently in full swing in the awesome city of Las Vegas. The thing is though - there's so much, pardon my Dutch, crap being announced it's hard to keep up. I have yet to see a single interesting thing to come out at CES so far, and I have little hope the next few days are going to be any better. That NVIDIA mobile gaming thing is mildly interesting, but as usual - no price, no release date. The Verge is spending loads of money on CES, so it has excellent coverage going on. Let's have a contest: if three months from now any of you can name three products announced at this year's CES (without cheating), I will force myself to use iOS for a week.
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RE[3]: Comment by lucas_maximus
by bassbeast on Wed 9th Jan 2013 05:21 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by lucas_maximus"
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Oh, fwiw, some of the best gaming experiences I've had have been on handheld devices, particularly the GBA and DS.

Yes but those systems not only had games designed around their strengths but weren't trying to push heavy graphics which as you noted can be VERY expensive and as i noted equals battery life measured in minutes.

I'll always remember the Sega nomad which IMHO was the first real attempt to bring home console quality into the portable realm (since it was just a Genesis shrunk down) which everybody thought was a great idea...until they found it would go through 4 times the batteries of a GameBoy for the same amount of gaming time.

The simple fact is until we come up with some breakthrough in battery tech so you can feed these monsters, or come up with some GPU tech that lets you crank out Borderlands II level graphics while using GameBoy power these things aren't gonna take off, nobody wants to carry around a wall wart looking for an outlet or carry a device that will be dead for most of the day.

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