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BeOS & Derivatives Ars 'reviews' Haiku, and concludes that "at the end of the day, Haiku may not be much more than an interesting diversion, something to play with on a spare bit of hardware on a rainy afternoon just for a bit of fun. But even if it amounts to no more than that, Haiku is still worth checking out." The article is a bit scant on content, but it does give me the opportunity to link to my review of Haiku alpha 1 from 3 years ago. I try Haiku every now and then to see if that review needs an update, but it always amounts to 'it got a bit more stable' - which is fantastic, but not a reason to redo it.
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by Earl C Pottinger on Wed 9th Jan 2013 21:30 UTC in reply to "RE: IMHO"
Earl C Pottinger
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What the hech is good about a beautiful UI?

Yesterday I had to transfer some files on a Mac and the good look UI some how made drag & drop less useful than on Haiku's Tracker - click on folder - drag to icon of USB drive - release - yet the first two times it refused to copy the folder, and then worked perfectly the third time I tried. I don't know how something that simple can be made to not work but that is what happened.

Windows 7 also looks great until you and to quick dive into some folder structure - a piece of cake in Haiku - a royal pain in Windows.

Working and easy to use functions are more important than good looks.

And don't tell me the users want the looks, because a good part of their problems with computers seem to come from the details hidden from them by good looking software!

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