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Windows So, a rudimentary jailbreak for Windows RT made its way onto the web these past few days. Open source applications were ported right away, and it was confirmed that Windows RT is the full Windows - it's exactly the same as regular Windows, except that it runs on ARM. Microsoft responded to the jailbreak as well.
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by saso on Wed 9th Jan 2013 22:27 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by saso"
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No one who has experience using a Surface tablet and an Android tablet would describe the Android experience (Nexus) as fluid or elegant, out of the box.

I've both an iPad 3 and a Nexus 7 and I seriously don't see any difference in interface fluidity. Nevertheless, suppose what you're saying on fluidity is real (and "elegant" is a subjective measure), let's keep in mind that the Betamax was also technically superior. But ultimately it didn't count. Being a little better at some things isn't going to get you any converts. You have to be a lot better, or be able to do something the other guys just plain cannot do at all.

So i would not recommend Android to anyone who (needed) to ask about what tablet to get.

If you're basing your recommendations purely on interface reaction times and subjective impressions of design instead of than real usability, I suspect you might be viewing your computing devices more as fashion accessories, rather than tools of utility.

So in all, you have yet to present a case why people should buy into a product that is, arguably, marginally better at UI presentation while being more expensive and unambiguously less useful (less software available). Doesn't sound like a winner to me...

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