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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia has just sent out a few preliminary comments about the company's performance during the fourth quarter of 2012. Nokia's figures are a good indicator for how well Windows Phone 8 is doing, and, in all honesty, I'm not exactly blown away. Apparently, neither was Nokia itself, since the company decided to redefine their Asha phones from feature phone to smartphone to prop up their smartphone sales figures.
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Why should you feel sorry? It's very clear that things are turning around for Nokia, as indicated by this report. This is a very good sign for Nokia, and the continued reports of its demise are offbase.

It really isn't. It's easy to think Nokia is doing well if you look at the figures in isolation, but pitting them against the entire market paints a different picture. Nokia's sales are increasing, sure - but not fast enough to grow their market share in any significant way. In fact, I believe Windows Phone is actually *losing* market share, not winning it.

As much as I love the platform - and I really do, I think it's better than iOS and Android - it simply isn't looking very healthy, and there are no signs this is going to change.

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