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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia has just sent out a few preliminary comments about the company's performance during the fourth quarter of 2012. Nokia's figures are a good indicator for how well Windows Phone 8 is doing, and, in all honesty, I'm not exactly blown away. Apparently, neither was Nokia itself, since the company decided to redefine their Asha phones from feature phone to smartphone to prop up their smartphone sales figures.
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The transition in just one year has been startling: in Q1, Nokia shipped almost 12 million "smart" phones (10 million symbian + 2 million WP devices). In Q4 they have managed barely over 6.5 million of the same category (2 million symbian + 4.5 million WP devices). So basically, Nokia managed to halve their shipments in the most profitable phone bracket. That is a catastrophic result under most reasonable metrics.

Exactly. It's astonishing that everybody is just parroting the press release gushing without actually looking at the figures.

Nokia's smartphone business HALVED this past year. HALVED. Arguing that's honky-dory is insane.

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