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Google "Release early, release often. Today, we're introducing Chrome Beta channel for phones and tablets on Android 4.0+. [...] You can expect early access to new features (and bugs!), as well as a chance to provide feedback on what's on the way. Just like our other Beta versions, the new features may be a little rough around the edges, but we'll be pushing periodic updates so you can test out our latest work as soon as it's ready." Well, let's see if the Chrome Beta is any less of a disaster than what passes for 'stable' Chrome on Android.
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RE: disaster?
by bentoo on Fri 11th Jan 2013 03:14 UTC in reply to "disaster?"
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Hopefully someone with a tablet will chime in on the new betas. I have the same experience as Thom I guess. Too many "not responding" messages and poorly rendered pages during normal browsing.

I currently use Firefox which seems to be more compatible except for entering messages on OSnews. ;)

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