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Windows So, a rudimentary jailbreak for Windows RT made its way onto the web these past few days. Open source applications were ported right away, and it was confirmed that Windows RT is the full Windows - it's exactly the same as regular Windows, except that it runs on ARM. Microsoft responded to the jailbreak as well.
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RE[12]: x86
by viton on Fri 11th Jan 2013 11:20 UTC in reply to "RE[11]: x86"
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if we can optimize the code to avoid jumps on ARM then we'll avoid the penalty.

You're doing over-engineering here. Branch elimination could be helpful, but it will work fine without it.

On ARM, there are many more registers.

ARM need more registers to implement load-op and op-in-memory x86 instructions. 16 registers is not much.

there is no need to "time share" registers, so OOO is inherently going to work differently there.
ARM OoO is much more limited, but it has 40 rename registers (on cortex-A9)

Qemu already does what your talking about.
Qemu is a full-system emulator.
x86 on WinRT should not mess with MMU pages.

This next link has the same goal, and identifies some of the same code conversion pitfalls.

The only I see here is a lack of understating of ARM arch and binary translation.

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