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Features, Office For years, developers decried the tight fist Sun kept on the development of its office suite, preventing the hacker culture from improving its software. So now that LibreOffice is, well, free, it's not surprising to see one ambitious hacker has developed a mechanism for theming it. Let's have a round of applause for Jan Holesovsky, whose patch in the upcoming 4.0 edition of LibreOffice allows you to style LibreOffice using FireFox Personae. Holesovsky's blog is full of other interesting UI changes made to LibreOffice, proof perhaps that letting hackers hack is the best way to keep your project improving.
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At least GTK and QT apps can now read the same theme info, QT apps looks just fine under Gnome and well, have not tried GTK under KDE, but I assume that GTK is smart enough to do the right thing.

You assume too much.

Qt has QGtkStyle as an officially-supported component.

The GTK+ equivalent is a 3rd-party project that seems to have withered on the vine and the only build of it I've seen for modern Ubuntu is as part of the Trinity PPA. (Trinity is the KDE 3 fork)

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