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General Development "For years I've tried my damnedest to get away from C. Too simple, too many details to manage, too old and crufty, too low level. I've had intense and torrid love affairs with Java, C++, and Erlang. I've built things I'm proud of with all of them, and yet each has broken my heart. They've made promises they couldn't keep, created cultures that focus on the wrong things, and made devastating tradeoffs that eventually make you suffer painfully. And I keep crawling back to C."
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One of the biggest reasons why C++ is the complicated language it is is due to the design principle they used that most of the heavy lifting be done in libraries.

That explains my question regarding Iterators, but I still find the split rather odd and slightly arbitrary.

Of course my complaint is technically invalid since C++11 added syntactic sugar for foreach loops, so at least the syntax isn't as ugly now.

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