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Apple After relying on third parties for several years - Internet Explorer, Netscape - Apple decided that it was time to take matters into its own hands. It was time Apple created its own browser (again). And so, Safari was born, and released unto the world ten years ago. These past few weeks, Don Melton, the project lead for Safari and WebKit, has been sharing a lot of interesting stories about the origins and development of Apple's browser.
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RE[2]: The enemy of my enemy is...
by Vanders on Fri 11th Jan 2013 22:01 UTC in reply to "RE: The enemy of my enemy is..."
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Apple and safari are not even close to being competitors of any influence to windows or IE.

I believe his point is that Apple took KHTML and created the (far more portable) WebKit, which in turn has become the basis of Chrome and a whole bunch of other Open Source web browsers. Without that work KHTML would likely have remained firmly wedded to KDE, and we'd be looking at Firefox and a few larger projects struggling along trying to keep their ports of Gecko up to date.

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