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Windows "Recently, a method was found for Windows RT that allowed running unsigned code through a rather clever exploit. This method has now been turned into a full fledged tool by XDA Developers member Netham45. All the details are over in this XDA post, including the download." Super-simple, even a child can do it. A big <3 to XDA.
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RE: CyanogenMOD
by saso on Fri 11th Jan 2013 23:46 UTC in reply to "CyanogenMOD"
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Would one be able to wipe Windows and install Cyanogen with this hack?

Nope, this is a kernel hack, not a UEFI firmeware hack. In other words, you still can't boot unsigned code, you can only run it once the OS is in place. But it's a stepping stone to start attacking the firmware.

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