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Windows "Recently, a method was found for Windows RT that allowed running unsigned code through a rather clever exploit. This method has now been turned into a full fledged tool by XDA Developers member Netham45. All the details are over in this XDA post, including the download." Super-simple, even a child can do it. A big <3 to XDA.
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Wrong system?
by UltraZelda64 on Sat 12th Jan 2013 16:44 UTC
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Microsoft's own response was that--even though they see the hack as no security threat--they will be patching against it in the future (go figure). It seems like the best thing to do if your requirements are to run Windows and Windows software compiled for x86 is to just get an x86 Windows machine with Win8 instead of an ARM machine with WinRT. Or if your Windows software needs are not as heavy, use Wine.

This is just going to lead to yet another Corporation vs. Customers conflict where Microsoft continually patches their OS purely to control their users, the users will just continually use new methods to gain access to their own systems... and yet another feud between will dominate tech news for months. Apple and Sony style.

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