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Windows Well, this can't be a good sign. Samsung has told CNET that the company will not be launching its Windows RT tablet in the United States, citing a lack of demand and consumer confusion. After I spent an afternoon in my country's largest electronics retailer, it's hard not to agree with Samsung.
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What's the point of RT?
by zztaz on Sun 13th Jan 2013 00:16 UTC
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Count me as one of those confused consumers. As a technology fan, porting Windows 8 to ARM is interesting, but Microsoft has failed to show me why I should buy one. Why would I buy an RT tablet rather than a W8 tablet? The difference in battery life isn't huge, and Intel is catching up.

Apple sells phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. The phones and tablets run the same OS, the laptops and desktops run a different OS. Other hardware makers use Android on phones and tablets, and Windows 7 or 8 on laptops and desktops. Should Microsoft be pushing Windows Phone for tablets? Are tablets and laptops fundamentally different types of devices, deserving operating systems and user interfaces optimized for the differences?

Microsoft can make a case as to why you should buy an RT tablet instead of an iPad. They can make a case for RT over Android. What they haven't done is explain why you should buy RT over Windows 8, or vice versa. Why do they have two products that overlap so much?

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