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Windows "Recently, a method was found for Windows RT that allowed running unsigned code through a rather clever exploit. This method has now been turned into a full fledged tool by XDA Developers member Netham45. All the details are over in this XDA post, including the download." Super-simple, even a child can do it. A big <3 to XDA.
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Tool needs a version 2
by rklrkl on Sun 13th Jan 2013 12:32 UTC
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You'd have thought that a special jailbreak tool would either be put in your Startup folder or run as a service and then "forgotten about" (i.e. it would run non-interactively each time you boot, so you've effectively got a jailbroken machine every time you start it).

Not this jailbreak tool, though. Here's what the XDA post says you have to do:

* Extract a batch file and run it to install part of the hack.
* Reooot your RT machine and wait a minute at the desktop (this is like a recipe for instant noodles!).
* Run the extracted batch file again.
* Wait for 20 seconds (let the noodles cool).
* Press the Volume Down key (WTF?).
* Wait some more time for the batch file to finish, *including* some possible interactive prompts.

Those final 4 steps have to be done *every* time you boot! A new tool needs to come out where it's completely non-interactive (and when the jailbreak is done, it displays a success or failure notification somewhere ideally). Until then, this isn't fit for anyone's consumption, IMHO.

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