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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This week the folks on the webOS forum got into an interesting and productive discussion about how webOS can fit into the current world where iOS and Android seem to have completely stitched up the market. Even Windows Phone 8 is having trouble getting a toe-hold! But there is hope.
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May have a chance
by BlueofRainbow on Sun 13th Jan 2013 19:00 UTC
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As an open project, webOS may have a chance. The user interface has some merit over Android. It may remain as a niche like many open source projects based on glorious but now commercially orphaned OS.

The lack of apps will be an inherent hurdle to any ~niche~ OS and this will be more true for webOS as the early developers were burned when HP terminated the TouchPad and webOS development.

Being able to run Android Apps within webOS rather than via the dual-boot scheme currently available for the orphaned TouchPads would reduce the ~there are no Apps~ barrier. Isn`t after-all the approach taken by BlackBerry for their PlayBook (native QNX-OS)?

Some users may also relish a niche OS once Android and iOS malware are spreading like wild fires.

The biggest hurdle now is the lack of a readily available hardware natively running webOS. An idea - adapt/port webOS to Raspberry Pi along with sourcing a stand-alone touchscreen display and let the explorers come.

The second biggest hurdle will be the continued availability of the cloud services associated with mobile devices. As I understand, HP is still supporting the webOS cloud from the devices it sold.....will it do the same for future devices?

One uncertainty - would it be HP or open webOS who would be the custodian of the apps marketplace? If it is open WebOS, then could the developers and open webOS organization nicely share the revenues of the non-free apps and thus financially sustain the project?

This is a story I will follow closely over the next 6-12 months.

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