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Linux Finding an entry-level home PC that doesn't have a Windows XP sticker on it requires consumers to search through a maze of Web sites. Or if they try calling a major PC maker, the agent is likely to have a hard time steering them toward a Linux-based or bare-bones system.
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Dell are great for Linux servers, but...
by rklrkl on Thu 3rd Nov 2005 01:15 UTC
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It's really annoying that Dell do a very good job selling servers that run with, yes, a *choice* of no OS, Windows or Linux - you just go to the Customize of pretty well any PowerEdge server and the no OS and Linux options are right there next to the Windows options on the server's normal page.

If they can do a pretty well spot-on job for servers (and hence they MUST have staff familiar with Linux and they even have a Dell Linux site at ), why on earth can't they do something similar with their desktops. I want to go to customise a Dell desktop and see the options for no OS and maybe Linux in there (just "no OS" would be fine if they don't want to support Linux, along with a warning that the machine cannot be OS/software supported in any way).

Like on Dell's servers, there should be price differences for the "no OS" and "Linux" desktop options compared to Windows and, no, it should *not* be a separate product to the Windows version and, no, it shouldn't just be in the business section of the site either.

Wasn't the DOJ decision about Microsoft's illegal practices towards OEM supposed to stop them "forcing" OEMs to *only* ship Windows with desktop machines? It seems that absolutely nothing has changed - you suspect that Microsoft are putting indirect or direct pressure on OEMs about this, even to this day.

And don't get me started on the sickening state of the big OEMs and Linux (or no OS) laptops - it's even worse! I'd love to be able to buy a major-name laptop with no OS whatsoever - why can't I?!

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