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Apple The New York Times also chimes in on the reduced orders, and they have numbers which seem more realistic. "Apple does appear to be cutting back on orders for its latest iPhone from its manufacturing partners, as Nikkei of Japan and The Wall Street Journal reported earlier. Paul Semenza, an analyst at NPD DisplaySearch, a research firm that follows the display market, said that for January, Apple had expected to order 19 million displays for the iPhone 5 but cut the order to 11 million to 14 million. Mr. Semenza said these numbers came from sources in the supply chain, the companies that make components for Apple products." Some suggest this is stock manipulation, and while that is an exciting story to be sure, would respected and well-informed newspapers like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times participate in something like that? Somehow, I highly doubt it. A far more logical explanation, as NYT details, is that the iPhone simply isn't doing overly well outside of the US.
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RE: Apple vs Samsung?
by jared_wilkes on Tue 15th Jan 2013 23:21 UTC in reply to "Apple vs Samsung? "
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The Nexus 4, is a huge sea change of competition, or will be if they ever get them in quantity. There is absolutely zero reason to go with anything else, imho. Plus there are a gazillion KIRF Chinese phones, and Nokia Ashas out there as well.

You are self-contradictory with every clause you utter. This comment is worthless.

There's no reason to get anything but a Nexus 4 -- besides the fact that you can't get it.

Even though the Nexus 4 is the only phone you need, there's gazillion more phones of a completely different kind.

I should buy the cheapest crap Nokia makes because there's gazillion of them, even though there's actually fewer of them combined than a single model of Samsung or Apple phone.

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