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In the News "Apparently, executives at CBS learned that the Hopper would win 'Best of Show' prior to the announcement. Before the winner was unveiled, CBS Interactive News senior-vice president and General Manager Mark Larkin informed CNET's staff that the Hopper could not take the top award. The Hopper would have to be removed from consideration, and the editorial team had to re-vote and pick a new winner from the remaining choices. Sources say that Larkin was distraught while delivering the news - at one point in tears - as he told the team that he had fought CBS executives who had made the decision." And this is why media owned by larger media conglomerates (or by large companies in general) should always be treated with a certain amount of scepticism. This may be an open and shut case, but more subtle interference can be felt every single day as you read the media.
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by bassbeast on Wed 16th Jan 2013 13:02 UTC in reply to "Correction"
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A better sentence would probably be "And this is why ALL of the MSM owned by "the big seven" should be looked at as lying corporate shills".

Since this is a pretty international site for those that don't know I'll explain: In the USA we have what is known as "the big seven" which is what I would call a cabal, or in the 1800s would have probably been called a trust, its seven media giants that control just about everything John and Jane Average see, hear, and read in the USA.

Now I'm sure that some will say "Surely they compete against each other?"...uhhh...not really. Sure they may bid against each other for the occasional property but anything pro corporate, pro military industrial complex (because they own parts of all the big defense companies) and anything pro government is gonna get the same bandwagon hopping across the board. For an example see Assange, if you only watched the MSM you would know practically nothing that had been released to Wikileaks, ALL you would have heard is how Assange was a rapist terrorist who should be drug to the USA and dropped in a hole. This corporate line was universal across the networks. this applies to our elections as well, watch "Jon Stewart Ron Paul" where he compiled the MSM "coverage" of Ron Paul who had become "he who shall NOT be named" with networks going so far as to name the first, second, and FOURTH place finisher without ever ONCE uttering the name of third place OTA.

So I'd say a heck of a lot more than being skeptical is required, the knowledge that the big seven are pretty much the USA equivalent to Pravda would be a pretty description. The only real difference is they speak the corporate lies instead of the government lies but at the end of the day they make sure their agenda is all the public is gonna hear. As I have said in other places if Watergate happened today the press wouldn't report it and Woodward and Bernstein would be made out in the MSM to be terrorist scum, can't be biting the hand when corporate and government are in bed together ya know.

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