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Hardware, Embedded Systems "In this article, I show at the transistor and silicon level. I've discussed the mathematics of the 6502 overflow flag earlier and thought it would be interesting to look at the actual chip-level implementation. Even though the overflow flag is a slightly obscure feature, its circuit is simple enough that it can be explained at the silicon level."
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Does anybody still make the 6502?
by bassbeast on Wed 16th Jan 2013 13:35 UTC
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Or is this just a slow week? Don't get me wrong, i like reading about niche hardware, but there are chips from that time one can still buy retail and play with. for example the Z80 is still sold and used in many of the CCC MP4 players sold on Chinamart, one can pick up one of those and try hacking on that.

Heck I'm shocked somebody don't pay one of the Chinamart vendors for a fully unlocked unit just for hacking, its not like those little Chinese companies are against hacking as all they want is to sell the hardware.

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