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OpenBSD "We are pleased to announce the official release of OpenBSD 3.8. This is our 18th release on CD-ROM (and 19th via FTP). We remain proud of OpenBSD's record of eight years with only a single remote hole in the default install. As in our previous releases, 3.8 provides significant improvements, including new features, in nearly all areas of the system."
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RE[7]: ONE remote hole?
by Soulbender on Thu 3rd Nov 2005 02:10 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: ONE remote hole?"
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"That's where you would be wrong. In version 2.8 and earlier, it was enabled by default"

is != was.
And unless you can provide a proof of concept talkd exploit or prove that it's actually remotely exploitable the claim, for what it's worth, isnt invalid.

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