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Hardware, Embedded Systems "In this article, I show at the transistor and silicon level. I've discussed the mathematics of the 6502 overflow flag earlier and thought it would be interesting to look at the actual chip-level implementation. Even though the overflow flag is a slightly obscure feature, its circuit is simple enough that it can be explained at the silicon level."
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Very Interesting
by Pro-Competition on Wed 16th Jan 2013 16:17 UTC
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I found both this article and the author's article about the mathematics of the flag to be very interesting. Thank you for linking to them!

This brings back memories. The VIC-20 was my first computer, and several of the popular competitors used the 6502 also. I quickly got into machine/assembly language programming, and even wrote a couple of articles for Commodore's magazines at the time. Those were the days... ;^)

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