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General Development "I was really excited to write this article, because it gave me an excuse to really think about what beautiful code is. I still don't think I know, and maybe it's entirely subjective. I do think the two biggest things, for me at least, are stylistic indenting and maximum const-ness. A lot of the stylistic choices are definitely my personal preferences, and I'm sure other programmers will have different opinions. I think the choice of what style to use is up to whoever has to read and write the code, but I certainly think it's something worth thinking about. I would suggest everyone look at the Doom 3 source code because I think it exemplifies beautiful code, as a complete package: from system design down to how to tab space the characters." John Carmack himself replies in the comments.
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RE[6]: Good article
by Nelson on Wed 16th Jan 2013 18:24 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Good article"
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I agree with you that VB is terrible, but it doesn't make it type-unsafe because of it.

I think casting is more of a gray area and VB.NET definitely has more ambiguity. Its harder to know at a glance if something is correct.

C# does some implicit casting too, if you define an implicit operator overload. I'm sure VB.NET does something similar to manage to stay within the CLR sandbox.

What VB.NET does imho, is wrap bad ideas around syntax. Examples being like you said implicit conversions (which imo have always been a bad idea no matter the language) and implicit late binding.

VB.NET takes late binding, implicit typing, and implicit casts and muddies the waters into this incomprehensible soup of syntax.

However, it is still easy for VB developers to pick up VB.NET . That's always been the reason imo for VB.NET's existence. I'd never write any meaningful amount of code using it.

I think any time someone uses dynamic in C#, late binding in VB.NET or find yourself using some of these more weird features, they need to step back and think about what the hell they're doing.

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